Cloud Based Hotel Management System Pricing Packages


Booking widget

1st month subscription free
Booking Widget Integration
Reservation Management


Booking widget w/ payment gateway

1st month subscription free

Booking Widget Integration
Payment Gateway Integration (Dragonpay/Paypal/Preferred Bank)
Reservation Management


Full Hotel Management System

1st month subscription


Full Property Management System Software:

✔ Unlimited storage
✔ Real-time information
✔ Multi-property access
✔ Multi-device access
✔ Daily Rates Manipulation
✔ Calendar
✔ Inhouse
✔ Night Auditing
✔ Shift Report
✔ Reports and Graphical Report
✔ Guest Profile
✔ And More

Bookxprss User’s Manual
Customer Service Hotline
Booking Widget integration
Payment Gateway Integration
3 Days FREE Online Training or Training at Bookxprss Head Office

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the industry and where is your base?

BookXprss has been established in 2013 by COMFAC Global Group and by CA Hernandez Inc. Bookxprss was originally made for CA Hernandez since the company was having challenges managing various hotels. The system was made to make both CA Hernandez's and the hotel operations job easier.

Why ​do I need your software over my ​current system​?

BookXprss is user friendly, very configurable, generates real time information with every update, will increase your property's profitability and very low in cost.

How long will it take me to get set up and ready for online bookings?

BookXprss will be set up the day your sign the system's user agreement.

Can your software generate​ reports ​customized to the requirements?

Yes, BookXprss is very customizable to the requirements of the user. The user can generate graphs and charts easily with a click of a button.

Is the system ​manage​able and viewable anywhere? Is it real-time?

As long as there is an internet connection you can view the system anywhere anytime. Information is given on a real time basis meaning with every update the user does it will show in BookXprss.

Will I be able to process and manage rates online any time?

Yes, BookXprss will provide a booking widget for you and integrate the widget to manage in order for you to change your rates online easily.

Will the system be able to assist me in preventing overbooking​? ​

Yes, BookXprss will inform the user on the number and type of rooms remaining for the property to sell.

Do you use a payment gateway?

Bookxprss comes with dragon pay. Dragon pay is a local version of paypal with this, customers are able to pay through any Bayad Center branch, 7-eleven, and through it's accredited banks.

Can voucher,​ gift​ cheque,​ and promo codes ​be generated?

BookXprss can generate one-time use gift certificates with series numbers which can be given to customers.

Will tech support be available when needed?

Yes. Tech support for BookXprss will be online from 8am to 5pm Philippine time on weekdays. Tech support will accommodate all of the customers questions and will immediately provide a solution to the customers problem.